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Art_series 017 波状紋四季彩 set 【現品販売:55000jpy】

ドリップバッグハンガー 峰乃櫓とのセット商品。【現物販売商品】

Top cover: 時雨乱紋(深彫)に焼入れ酸化膜を

形成。 カバー中央 尾根筋を思わせるピンクの波状紋から朝陽を浴びて一日が躍動し、反対側が光を待ち侘びる陰影。

華やかな色合いと焼入れの際 酸化膜が緑を越えて灰色まで形成。 この不完全さの色紋様が「侘び寂び」を感じさせるポイントです。


under body: 2021 Sakura.ver(未販売)の焼入れ酸化膜が綺麗に復元。緑色まででアンダー全体に焼き止めができた逸品。




Set product with drip bag hanger Mineno Yagura [Merchandise for sale]

Top cover: A thermal oxide film is formed on Shigure Ranmon (deep engraving). The center of the cover The pink wavy pattern reminiscent of the ridgeline is bathed in the morning sun and the day is lively, and the other side is a shadow waiting for the light.

Gorgeous color and quenching Oxide film goes beyond green to gray. This incomplete color pattern is the point that makes you feel 「wabi-sabi.」

Also, it is very difficult to reproduce the vertical formation of wavy patterns (gray, green, pink, yellow, blue) in this area of ​​about 2 cm in the future.

under body: The thermal oxide film of 2021 Sakura.ver (not for sale) is beautifully restored. A gem that can stop the entire undergarment from burning even in green.

The four seasons are added to the name, which can be viewed differently as "cherry blossom", "fresh green", and "autumn leaves".

In addition to Sakura.ver, which has been difficult to restore the body top and bottom, the imperfect balance of the wavy patterns and shadows reminiscent of the dynamics of life is exquisite.

What is important is that the pattern and color are not drawn with a brush, but rather a work of art in which the ground pattern is drilled into the titanium material and finished with an oxide film.



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