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Art_series 020 天地陰陽 【現品販売】60000jpy

ドリップバッグハンガー 峰乃櫓とのセット商品。【現物販売商品】

付属品: レザーポーチ、アルミ缶、森乃雫ポケット付きマイクロクロス(ユニチカ製)、ステッカー、取説。

トップカバーの縦に割れる地柄を彫り込んだあと 焼き付け酸化膜を施しました。




まさしく混沌とした時代から天と地の分離初期に 薄く広がりだした「天」と重くごつごつした「地」に加え「陰陽」 二種の作用で万物が造りだされる状態がトップカバーに表現できた事から名付けております。

Set product with drip bag hanger Mineno Yagura. [Products for actual sale]

Accessories: leather pouch, aluminum can, micro cloth with pocket (made by Unitika), sticker, instruction manual.

After sculpting the ground pattern that splits vertically on the top cover, a baked oxide film was applied.

The underbody is lightly carved with silver sand so as not to spoil the appearance of the top cover.

The product name "Tenchi Yin Yang" means

In the Nihon Shoki and the theory of Yin and Yang, the sky and the earth, and Yin and Yang were chaotically one, but the time has come when the clear one stretches thinly, and the heavy and turbid one stagnates and becomes the earth. It is said that all things were created through the mutual interaction of two types of Qi, which are opposite to each other.

From the time of chaos to the early stage of the separation of heaven and earth, the top cover expresses the state in which all things are created by two kinds of actions: the thinly spread “heaven” and the heavy and rugged “earth” plus “yin and yang”. It is named after that.

  • size

    L 46mm W 16mm H 27mm Wt 9.0g



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