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Art_series 022  Dancing Skeleton.set【現品販売】43000jpy

Art_series 022 Dancing Skeleton.set【現品販売】43000jpy

ドリップバッグハンガー 峰乃櫓とのセット商品。【現物販売商品】


付属品: レザーポーチ、アルミ缶、森乃雫ポケット付きマイクロクロス(ユニチカ製)、ステッカー、取説。

トップカバーに非対称の陥没穴や高温で捻れたような彫り込みを施した。 その際内部水流制御用の爪にも光を当てるために 前方の遮蔽爪を取り除き 大きな陥没穴に研削。



外装全体を鏡面仕上げまで研磨した後、ブルーをメインにし、部分的にイエロー、ピンクの色合いまで酸化膜を形成。 全体的に明るく陽気なイメージに仕上がった。

遮蔽爪を取り除く事により、アンダーボディ内部の積層痕を極力除去して 外装と同系色の熱酸化膜を形成。

商品名の「Dancing Skeleton」とは、

その名の通り 楽しそうに踊るかのような森乃雫真骨頂の内部を露出した骨格が印象深かったので命名。

アンダーボディも同じく鏡面まで磨き上げてトップカバーと同系色の熱酸化膜を形成。 ただしリア面を除き標準仕様のボディです。


Set product with drip bag hanger Mineno Yagura. [Products for actual sale]

Accessories: leather pouch, aluminum can, microcloth with Morino Shizuku pocket, sticker, instruction manual


The top cover has large asymmetrical holes and high-temperature twist-like engravings. At that time, I removed the front shield claw and polished it into a large concave hole in order to spotlight the internal water flow adjustment claw.

*By removing the shield claw, the same performance as regular Mori no Shizuku can be achieved up to about 4ml/sec (see video).

Please note that the parabola (arc) of the water flow becomes stronger when the flow rate exceeds 5 ml/sec because there is no shield claw.

When the entire exterior is mirror-polished, a thermally oxidized film that is mainly blue and partly yellowish and pinkish is formed. The overall result is a bright and lively image.

By removing the shield claws, the traces of lamination inside the underbody are removed as much as possible and a thermal oxide film of the same color as the exterior is formed.

The product name "Dancing Skeleton" is

As the name suggests, Shizuku Morino's inner skeleton, which seems to be dancing happily, was impressive, so I named it.

The underbody is also mirror-polished to form a thermally oxidized film of the same color as the top cover. However, the body is standard except for the back.




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