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Art_series 023  laughing skull.set【現品販売】43000jpy

Art_series 023 laughing skull.set【現品販売】43000jpy

ドリップバッグハンガー 峰乃櫓とのセット商品。【現物販売商品】


付属品: レザーポーチ、アルミ缶、森乃雫ポケット付きマイクロクロス(ユニチカ製)、ステッカー、取説。

トップカバーにスカルの彫り込みを施しました。 その際内部水流制御用の爪にも光を当てるために 前方の遮蔽爪を取り除き 複数の陥没穴に研削。




商品名の「laughing skull」とは、

その名の通り 楽しそうに笑ってるかのような森乃雫内部を露出した骨格が印象深かったので命名。



Set product with drip bag hanger Mineno Yagura. [Products for actual sale]

Accessories: leather pouch, aluminum can, microcloth with Morino Shizuku pocket, sticker, instruction manual


A skull is engraved on the top cover. At that time, in order to illuminate the claws for controlling the internal water flow, the shielding claws in front were removed and ground into multiple recessed holes.

*By removing the shielding claw, the performance is the same as the standard Morino Shizuku up to about 4 ml/sec (see video).

Please understand that the water flow parabola (arc) becomes stronger when pouring 5 ml/sec or more because there is no shielding claw.

After the skull is applied to the top cover, the entire surface is ground with a hammered pattern and lightly polished to finish.

The product name "laughing skull" is

As the name suggests, Morino Shizuku's inner skeleton, which looks like she's smiling happily, left a deep impression on me, so I named her.

The underbody is a standard specification body that has been polished to a mirror finish.





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